Reading and Spelling Program for Children

Katrina has designed a specialised reading and spelling program covering Speech Pathology for children. It is made especially for parents to help with speech development in children at home. It can also be used in classrooms with groups of children and one-one-one for individual support.

The reading and spelling program covers both sound-out-able words and sight words. It helps with both sides of the process – the reading and spelling of words.


Techniques Used

  • Our Reading / Spelling Program uses simple, step by step instructions.
  • This helps parents to understand what they need to be teaching their child; and also how to do it.
  • Positive reinforcement is vital to encourage your child.  There are many suggestions for positive feedback, and alternative ways to correcting your child’s mistakes, using words other than “no”.
  • When parents are comfortable with the information they are wanting to teach, and understand how to introduce it, the child will then be comfortable playing the games.
  • There is a structured approach to each Reading / Spelling Program Set, and straight forward background information that is clearly explained.
  • Our Reading / Spelling Program is based on the premise that if a child is enjoying themselves and feels secure attempting the games, then learning is going to take place.
  • The Reading / Spelling Program also has a lot of repetition of skills, played in varying ways so the children do not get bored, but receive enough practise that they learn the information in a solid manner.
  • The children can also see for themselves how much they are learning, and so their self esteem and confidence soars.
  • Our Reading / Spelling Program does not just teach children a list of words, it teaches the skills to be able to analyse the words, the Reading / Spelling Program applies the words into context in readers, sentence making activities and story writing.

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